Strath Spey’s climate.html is considered to be the most continental type of climate.html within the British Isles.  It may be thought of as a somewhat north temperate maritime climate.html.  For this reason it has been found that we can grow certain species that do very badly in other parts of the British Isles.  This is due to the plants breaking dormancy too early in the Spring and, as a result, suffering from late frost damage.

Temperature, wind and rainfall patterns here are greatly influenced by the North Atlantic Drift, also known as The Gulf Stream.

Average annual rainfall 1000 millimetres or 40 inches.

Mean annual minimum winter temperature [Jan] 0.2c. Minimum recorded winter temperature – 25c.  Mean annual maximum winter temperature [Jan] 4.6c.

Mean annual minimum summer temperature [Jul] 9.5 C.  Maximum recorded summer temperature 27c.  Mean annual maximum summer temperature [Jul]19.9c.